Wednesday, May 27, 2009


ERMMM BABES..WAT THE are flipping amazing..i mean call me crazy for calling you out here, but i couldnt seem to leave a comment, on the comment you wrote on my last post, and i couldn't seem to leave comments on your blog either, so i decided to come on here and salute in OMG! you are amazing. I love your i love so many peoples blog, but for some odd reason i never went to your blog, or i tried but couldn't, not sure, but finally today i did, and you won't believe that i spent like almost 2hours(yes 2).lol..reading..not becuase i didnt have anything to do, but i would read the first post, and then i would be like i will read the second one, and go, but then my eyes just couldn't stay away, and then i keep going and going, until i was like chinny you need to do other stuff, like you are hella funny too!...I SALUTE YOU MY DEAR, i dont know what it is, but i just really like what you blog about, maybe its how you write it, im not sure..nywayz...ok let me not let your head swell jare! i salute you still!!..xoxo


So yesterday i was thinking while laying on my bed about to go to sleep, basically a lot was going through my mind, nothing happened, but i just started to think and BEHOLD, chinny started talking to herself, and crying, and talking, and crying...nywayz...moving on.. what was i so pissed off about..basically i have come to realize that people like to judge other people...forgive me if i start to curse..(but I'm pretty damn pissed off about this issue)..moving on..what makes people judge other people...actually no..let me put it this way...who the f***k do you think you are to judge other people? No really who are you?

What makes you better than the other person being judged? This is the way i look at it. Everybody makes mistakes, whether big or small, nobody can come out today and tell me that they are "good/right" like "perfectly right" in every sense of "right" Impossible, I'm sorry to break your f***ing damn bubble. People come out and say S**t about other people, and if you look....if you just take a small tiny look at this persons life, you start to wonder.."hmmm now why the hell did this person just judge me, when his/her life is so damn imperfect"

Don't get me wrong, by all means I AM NO SAINT, i do the same thing too, judge other people, when my life really is not perfect. I am not better than the person i am judging. So who gives me the right to judge other people? You know what i think, i think human beings judge other people to make their self look better. Yes!..that is it...(OK hold on..let me just think..and breathe and think)..OK moving on.. let me back that previous statement up,(clarify the meaning) for instance a girl has slept with a number of guys, not that many, but yeah whatever, and then some other girl comes up, and is like "so what have you done, you need to be careful, somebody said this about you, your so bla bla you know i never..bladibladibladibladibla...did bladibladibladibla)..nywayz ermmm..hold up!...wait you never waat!!...hold on..please give me a bloody damn break!..."wasn't it you that did that..and that..and this..and that, i mean who the hell are you nywayz to judge me" I mean people this is how i feel, if you are going to open your mouth and judge other people..please make sure your life is perfect because if it isn't then you DO NOT HAVE THE RIGHT TO JUDGE OTHER PEOPLE.

Just because you went to a proper school, and your parents are filthy rich, and you leave in this massive mansion, and you come from this huge big family of rich people, and you drive this, and you drive that, and your father is the president, or the minister, you've slept with 2-3 guys or whatever the hell we think we blood, and the rest of that ish...DOES NOT MAKE YOU A BETTER PERSON than the one with a beetle, small family, slept with older men for money, red blood, father is the gate man, mum, the cleaner....OMG!! i am tired of writing. But you guys know exactly what i mean by what i am saying.

"she doesn't have a good pedigree" "my pedigree is better that his pedigree" "she/he doesn't carry his/ herself well" "she is loose" "she is a slut" "her mum slept with this other persons dad" "the dad cheats, he is a looser" " why the hell is she trying to start a magazine when she studied biochemistry, i mean wasting her life" "she is too nice" "she is soo fat" "she is dumb" "her pedigree is not that good" "he comes from a broken up family" these are a few jargon's people judge other people about...i mean really people....what the hell is that...what makes someone who gossips everyday about other people, masturbates everyday, has slept with one guy but OK yeah the person is smart, and very responsible..better than someone who is not that smart, very lazy, never gossips, has slept with 8guys, is extremely nice, and not too might think huh? what is this chinny on about..chill! i am getting to my point..basically i guess what i am trying to say is that these two people have good and bad traits, and neither of them should judge their selves, because they both have things they need to work on, like one needs to become more responsible, the other needs to stop masturbating everyday(i mean what is that), the other one needs to chill on the number of guys she has slept with...but all in all instead of judging one another, we can help one another. There is a difference between calling someone and saying to the person i am not perfect at all, neither am i better than you, but i think we both have things we need to change, for example you could try to not give every guy your number, they will respect you more, rather than OMG! i can't believe you gave all those guys your number, your such a slut, blaldibladibla.

I mean every time i hear people talking about, what they think about this person, or what this person has done, you know, and I'm smiling inside me, and I'm like wow!..SEE WHO IS TALKING, you know, the person is not any better than the "slut" or the "lesbian" that they are judging. You know it really makes me angry, i feel like people judge other people, maybe to feel better. Maybe if you judge somebody for sleeping around, that might make you feel better for sleeping around too. You just want to know that you are not the only person doing this particular thing that is more or less "bad"

And again, just because you know what this one person does, does not mean you are better than the other person, it simply means YOU HAVE NOT BEEN CAUGHT! some people are lucky enough or maybe smart enough to do their stuff on the low, however some people do it openly, and some people are just not lucky, everybody seems to know their jist, but that's OK, if people want to continue judging you, I SAY LET THEM, but trust me when i say that the "judge" is not any better than you are darling, the only thing is nobody knows about them, so don't feel bad, somebody knows about them, just not you, so be happy, and don't cry when you hear good for nothing people talk about you or judge you like you are the "bad person" cause really they are most likely to be as bad or even worse.

The truth is bitter, nobody likes to hear it, but this is it in a plate(topped up with some stir fry chicken!.lol) it, digest it and enjoy...peace out!! (you can buy the mineral had to say that)

Thursday, May 7, 2009


HAPPY MOTHERS DAY TO MY WONDERFUL MAMA!....IN THE RED SCARF ALSO...LOVE YOU! So yesterday i was having one of my thoughts, writing random stuff in my "pink book" and something just came to mind, and the next thing i saw myself writing "PRIORITIES CHANGE AT EVERY STAGE IN LIFE" and decided to talk about it on here.

So i was thinking about my mum, when this sentence/phrase came to going to use my mumsi as an example, just to make things easy.

When Ifeoma was born she had no priorities, i mean how could she, she is a baby, she can't even think or say anything, the only thing she has to do is cry until she gets the breast milk,it was just a "piece of cake" "a piece of pie" at the time(meaning everything was all rosey).NO PRIORITIES!

Now when Ifeoma reaches the stage of being a "kid/child"(5-10)..when she actually starts thinking, her priorities are making sure that daddy comes back home with ice cream, making sure that she comes first in class, so that she can travel during the summer,(actually sorry then there was no money like that to travel...lets say travel to making sure that she makes friends in class, making sure that she does not fall out with her friends, etc...

Ifeoma is now in another phase in life i will call this the "gossip phase"/"teenage phase" this stage in Ifeomas life, she gets into high school, priorities change again, she still makes sure that she comes first in class, tries as hard as possible to become a prefect which she eventually did(head girl), starts thinking about boys, starts getting jealous of other girls, wants to wear skimpy outfits, get in trouble with mum and dad for getting home late, wants to go out at night, gossip, gossip, and more gossip, about what this girl did with this guy, or how Ada was dancing with Folabi during socials, she has a boyfriend(MY DAD..YES MY DAD)..what a coincidence? are her priorities, of course until the Biafran war..then things had to change...less gossip, no time for boyfriends, no school, so all she did, was cook, clean, take care of her her siblings, and run from one village to another for safety.(thankfully nobody dies!)..well in her family..that is.

The next stage of her life is when things start getting more serious 'career stage/boyfriend stage' / "young adult" Ifeoma gets into uni, she decides to study medicine, she starts thinking more and more about getting married, at this time her boyfriend moves to Texas, so they break up(my dad, again) she dates different other guys, she goes out during the weekend, wears skimpy clothes(and she wore em well!, she starts concentrating more on trying to finish school, starts thinking more of where she wants to work, what kind of doctor she wants to be, who she is going to get married to, how her children will be, etc..(you know the drill cause most of us are still in this stage, your heart gets broken,again and again...etc.

The next stage is "graduation, work, and marriage" at this stage she has had a few people that want/have asked to marry her, she turns them down, she starts dating this guy who she should is engaged to be married too, she starts getting confused about who she wants to marry, people start disturbing her about getting married, being that she is going into medicine, she is still in school(it takes about 8 years), this dude comes back from Texas after so long, and then asks her out, she does "guy"(fronts) for a few month, breaks up with her then fiancee, marries this other guy(my dad)..after a while...

The next stage "honey moon stage"/ "after married life" The wedding is over, now your priorities have got to change, Ifeoma then tries to have babies, she graduates from school, now she is a doctor(radiologist), she starts working, everything is going fine, after six years of not being able to have children, she finally takes in(won't go into details about that), travels to London, stays there till the last child is born, after about five years comes back home, now priorities change again, its all about her children(but she kept on working), depending on who you are, you might decide to stop work, at this stage in her life, all she thinks about is her children, how to make them Happy, how to make sure they do well in school, work, making her husband happy, making the in laws happy(now that's just another topic), making sure she still looks good, even though she has had four children, basically its all about family

The next stage is "ME" obviously after the kids are all grown up, you start to look back at your life, and wonder whether you are where you want to be at 45, and realise oh shoot, i am not, then you start looking on some more business ideas, you start thinking a lot about yourself. In this case, Ifeoma, starts to try out different business ideas,to no avail, then she tries and tries until she finds one that actually works for her, now this becomes her priority, she tries as much as possible to be successful, keeping her self busy now the children are not around, she becomes a "PROFESSOUR OF MEDICINE(PHD)" (OK now that's a big step), women want to be you, people are congratulating you, your reaching that goal, work as a doctor is going well, your business (NGO for breast cancer) is going well, and she is now known as 'prof, so what next, Your husband is getting upset, that you are really never around anymore, you are constantly working...thinking about yourself, "you are your priority"..

The next stage is where your children start getting married, business is flourishing, hopefully at this stage you should be where you wanted to be in life, marriage is good/OK/or it could be great, in this case, great..(could be better, it could never be perfect now can it?), children are graduating, /getting married/ having babies/, you start getting old, you retire, etc...

Anyways you guys are getting the point abi? Sorry i know i scribbled a lot. My point is though, priorities change at every stage in life,. I am not saying that every woman that is 21 to 27 wants to get married, cause at that stage some people might not be ready to get married, and some people might be very ready for that, so depending on the type of person you are, and what you want out of life, your priorities change. I am sure all of you guys have seen your self change, the things you thought where very important like going out clubbing, or gossiping, are not as important to you anymore. At one stage in your life, you might decide school is my priority, the next stage, boyfriend(depending on you), next stage your husband, then children, the family in general, then work, and it keeps changing everyday.

Just a thought! mums Godson just got married last Saturday in Lagos, and the bride came in with a!..iis that something you would like to do?...yes no....NO for me..but its cool though..i guess..anyways wish i was there..

who else apart from me thinks your mum just has to be one of the smartest women, most beautiful, classiest ...wonderful women in Nigeria, people like her could rule Nigeria, and bring it back to reality....We need more women like her..I love seeing women that are hardworking, doing really well, and also extremely gorgeous, as know the P...i see a lot of mothers like that. Extremely hot, and Extremely beautiful at the same time....there's nothing like it...that has to be me when i am older.

Thursday, April 30, 2009


(The pic above is me on the right, and my sis on the left... at esthers(chinwe ikes) trad wedding in naij..jan 09)

So my contacts are killing me please tell me what to do, i hate wearing these things, and i lost my glasses....

I have a business idea, and i am so happy i found the best person to do it with....N.O....wink* out for us guys!! cannot tell you what the biz idea is...if not you will steal it..sowwy!!

I have so much school work to is not even funny..but uchenna has assured me that i should not really bother myself about my 30 page should just relax....(but if i fail..i will have to sue you for improper advice)..just kidding!

Why do people think i am depressed??....i am NOT DEPRESSED...DAMN IT!!..I AM REPRESSED(ok that was not funny at all)....errrrr..yah..not funny..moving on

Is it possible for a young girl like me to not like going clubbing?..i have never liked it, and will never like me!(that just sounds wrong)..i meant BITE ME!...ERMMM..OK..MOVING ON

Did i ever tell you that i do not drink...(i cry when i get tipsy)..YES! cry..blame it on the AAAAAALCOHOL ....people who know me, can testify to this. Actually sometimes i drink, if i cannot taste the alcohol at all....oh poison is bud light beer....ermmm...(yeah i know i said i do not drink alc...but my friend recently introduced me to it, and i cannot stop drinking)'s not that bad...only when i am out..which is NEVER..haha

speaking about going out.....i never go out, i am more of like a stay at home buddy, just chill, people always say i act like (mama mmadu)..meaning someones mum...i should really just get

I know my wedding song, and i know exaclty what is going to happen on my wedding day..hehehe...Gosh!

I play pool very well.(not swimming the razz ones!)..Everyday i wake up, and instead of going to the gym in the morning, i reverse to the pool table, and play by myself...and i am getting quite good...woohoo!

I have this pink prettiful book..ok its not that pretty anymore..its been abused by me..but in this book is the story of my dear life. it consists of, boyfriends, past present,, friends, business ideas(a lot of that..a whole lot of that actually), what i want the names of my kids to be..hehe, wedding songs, thing i need to achieve for every year, people i need to cut out of my life, quotes, words that i need to learn(meanings, and so on), things that i need to find out the meaning to, or what it is about, for example someone might say somethin random like"The Earth is smoother than a billiard ball."... then i would bring about my pink book..write that down, and make sure i do my research..YES..i am weird like that...bascially the book has everything , and anything...from what i want to give my mama, and dada, when i am i will be)..God willing o!

I stare a if you see me starring at you, i am most probably thinking something in my or good..watever!!..i do not just stare for the sake of it

I compliment girls more than i would compliment a guy, infact i rarely compliment guys, except he was my bf, or cousin, brother, close close friend...but i would be walking down or up a street..watever...and then i would see a random girl, and go up to her and be like "OMG you are like soo cute!"...NO i am not lesbian..i am however, attracted to girls... not in that way, but being that i am a makeup artist, i tend to look at girls a lot, (A GIRLS FACE).....SCOPE HER NOSE, HER SMILE, HER CHEEK BONES, EVERYTHING..and in my mind i am thinking oh i could use the gold eyeshadow on her..or i could do like a smokey look with green..or she would look really nice with red lipstick on, or she should have put on less eyesahdow, more lipstick, or she didnt blend her eyeshadown very well, or wow this girl is flipping gorgy, i have to tell her, and they are always happy when i do...I REPEAT I AM NOT LESBIAN..i am STRAIGHT...i like boys..sorry

I know you are busy, but really.....(TO WHOMEVER IT MAY CONSINGN)..CONCERN*

I really cannot stand the chinese accent!!

I like to cook, clean, cook, clean, cook, cook, cook, then, clean, not mean i am some kind of emotional wreck or anything...used to be..not anymore..i can stand my ground my friend would say) my mum keeps saying my husband will enjoy..and yes i husband will enjoy....ask the guys that know me well..they will tell you about me...(it could be bad for me sometimes)..then again(guys get addicted to me..i have this spell..)."I PUT A SPELL ON YOU, AND NOW YOUR MINE MINE MINE!!!..WOOHOO!!)..mind you o...i do this when i am really inlove with a bastardly inlove..insanely...which has only been(ok i am not saying)..if will wait

I would give you 50 dollars even if i had 100 dollars left in my account..yup dats me!

I try not to talk about much as i can...and i am also working on not tursting people too much

Whenever my mama, or dada travel..maybe to say..lagos to enugu, or enugu to abuja or abuja to Jand..u get the drill.. once they get to their destination. they have to call me immediately, if i do not hear from them after about an hour or tow of them getting there, then something has happened(in my mind)..i start tearing up like seriously

I always have nightmares!...DEVIL YOU ARE A LIAR!

I have a knife right next to my bed, and my bible...i need a baseball bat, and pepper spray, then i will feel safe.

When i am in Naji, i cannot sleep by myself, i have to sleep with mumsies room, or with my sis...more like mummies room tho

Yes i am mamas little princess....yesterday she randomly told me that i was precious*...hmmmm

I am a big kid...i love being a child. it is fun..and it is who i am...EAT ME!..ERMMM SORYY BITE ME!(more like it)

Should i stop?..are you getting bored? hands are

I sing...but i am too shy to sing in public

I am very very shy, but when i go out in public, you would never tell..some people can, but for the most part..not many people can

I love ice cream, and cheesecake...Oh Gosh..i love skittles..and i love black beans!

i am very untidy..but i cannot stand dirty kitchens, and dirty bathrooms..makes me sick actually

ok i am done..more coming..hehe

btw..this was supposed to be a post about my i just kept writing..that is why i blog...hope you enjoyed my random rambling

sorry, but did i hear someone say "WHO CARES?"...ermmm honey if you do not care, step out of my flipping page..cause to be honest i do not CARE about you too...for my lovers and friends that do..thats why i wovve you guys!

woohoo!.i actually enjoyed doing guys need to try it..its like letting something go..i felt something come out of i can't explain it..

ok..i have to do my 15 page essay now....mwah!!!xoxo

Thursday, April 23, 2009


If you do not know Esther Esther iyizoba....then dont know is like one of my best pretty as she is, she is actually really nice, and my dad loves her.....i am nt sure, he listens to her songs he loves her person. She actually is married to my cousin.....they just got married last xmas...and she looked stunning as ever...and so pretty.....Anywayz..she is pretty good.....and NO her name is not chinwe ike...its Esther..people keep confusing it.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


A lot has happened in the past few days, I spent the weekend with my lovely cousin who just had a baby....I WANT MY OWN BABY GIRL TOO so that i can give the little cute princess breast milk and all that good stuff..hehe...I WANT MY CUTE HUSBAND TO BE THERE IN THE HOSPITAL WITH ME TILL I HAVE MY BABY...wouldn't that be really nice? ehn naija guys?..I WANT MY HUSBAND TO COOK AND CLEAN THE HOUSE AND GET ME WATER, AND FOOD WHEN I AM HUNGRY UNTIL I AM STRONG ENOUGH TO DO ALL THAT just like my cousins cute aye?...I WANT I WANT I WANT...A BABY A BABY..A BABY!!....nywyayz moving other had a baby girl on Monday, and i cant wait to see the cute disco they call her....(disco..cause her dad likes dancing..heheh...)...moving on..

so guess what people........i have a very interesting story to tell you all..story story
There leaved a medical school student who studied in Boston university. This medical student was engaged to get married, he is cute, and is a Blondie, every woman's dream(so they say). Nywayz this BU lovely student, decided randomly in the past two weeks to visit some call girls who put their ads on craigslist.

Our cute geeky smart BU student went to the hotel in downtown Boston where the call girl was waiting for him( i guess), for some odd reason he decided to kill this pretty girl brutally, and take with him a gift, her cute..ermmm i think not...nywayz our cute killer geek(as they called him on the paper today) decided to do this again, but this time he didn't kill this person, he apparently messed with the woman..mishandled her, etc....not sure the rest....

so as i was watching this on the news, last two weeks, i said to my self i remember putting ads for my apartment on!...."people are sick"...called my dada recently and told him about our killer geek,little did i know that our Blondie killer geek LEAVED RIGHT NEXT DOOR TO ME..YES!..ME CHINNY...GOD HELP ME..I was leaving next to a serial killer NA WA O...NA WA REAL WA..nywayz....this last Sunday that just passed they arrested him.Here i was thinking i leaved in the safest place ever, errrr..obviously not....not with a serial isn't..nywayz....

I was interviewed 2 days ago, and i appeared on whole world was calling 5 seconds of fame..of course i saved the video so that i can show my children and grandchildren..On a more serious note though,i just cannot believe this..a SERIAL KILLER in my beautiful luxurious apartment building..My dad was like "you have to leave that place"...but, no point..i will stay, since i am soon leaving this God forsaken country..God willing very soon. All i have to do is lock my door, and pray that God keeps me safe. TO THINK I SAW THIS GUY IN THE GYM WITH ME, AND HE WOULD ACTUALLY SAY HI!...


killer geek kisses..ermm..NAAT!

Friday, April 17, 2009


I remember promising on ms mbegks blog that i would write a little bit about "wanna be" naija ajebo schools.

So fortunately or unfortunately, i plus my whole family where one of the first people to attend this school British international school VI(BIS). Actually funny enough my siblings and i appeared on that very big billboard on the lekki round about just before you get into lekki phase one..if you are familiar with Lagos..or at least the island you should know what i am talking about, this was like a while ago though, (plus i looked really ugly, they didn't even ask for permission....not to talk about our pictures being on the notebooks for the school) parents started complaining that they where using our faces on everything that had to do with the school, so they decided to change it.

Anywayz fortunately for my sis and i we both attended other schools that where suffer we where groomed properly before we got into BIS. (the reason why i have to explain this is so that after i write what this school was all about you would not think "oh she is one spoilt brat" cause i am not, thank you very on... school....

  1. we where not allowed to iron (in fact it was an could be suspended)

  2. We had people who washed, and dry cleaned our school uniform, plus anything we wanted them to dry clean..Yes! not excluding they where done, they would neatly fold everything for us.

  3. There was nothing like seniors and juniors, the school board wanted students "to feel at home" a family..they said..

  4. You would get a lot of rude kids, and there is nothing you can do..(how annoying)

  5. Oh yes the was krispies in the morning..sausage, frosties, eggs, bread(toasted if you wanted), orange juice, croissant, baked would have snacks...glazed donuts, crackers with cheese, lunch, macaroni and cheese, mashed potato with chicken, fish, chips, burgers, i mean name it we had it...dinner...just think of was we could ask for more if we

  6. during the weekends we where allowed to go out....we would go to "chocolate royale"(for those who do not know what it is..its this lovely ice cream, place...that has not just ice cream..different stuff sha)..sometimes there would be parties outside school, and the boarders where allowed to go, sometimes go to restaurants..etc

  7. I remember some a level student where allowed to go outside of the school to have a smoke with the teachers

  8. Teachers where mostly white..(british)...and the few Nigerian teachers then where not treated right

  9. the white students and black students would stay in their corners during the break time..a bit racist

  10. girls could do pretty much anything to their hair

  11. teachers would know who you are dating, and wouldn't care..

  12. you could be talking to a teacher and be like shut up(joke o..not seriously) "o shut up"

  13. ermmm what else...of course no flogging of any kind was allowed, the highest punishment was a detention with the principal. basically you go and relax in the principals ac office...(very relaxing actually..i think i had to do that once)

  14. students where pretty much close to some really close..wink* even hung out with my math teacher on a holiday in wasn't

  15. oh yes!..we had people clean our dorms....lay our beds..and alladat..

  16. there was we could watch any time..excluding during lights out, and we usually would borrow movies during the weekend

  17. we didn't wear school uniform after school

  18. there was hot water everyday to take a bath fetching of water..etc

  19. students had to protest to get some Nigerian food on the menu..imagine..

  20. some people like my sister got single rooms

  21. We had two people in a room, and the rooms where quite big too.

  22. We went grocery shopping at "stop and shop" during the weekend...and during the weekends if you wanted to watch a movie we could go to silver bird..which was the only cinema in lag at the time...

  23. we could go home during the weekends if you wanted to.

  24. we didn't have to take jam, ssce, waek, jsce...and all that...we just took one exam in our last year which was IGCSE. this would just get you into an A level school anywhere.

  25. ofcourse there we had 5years instead of six

  26. we paid so much..i wont even say how much...and the teachers thought we where not paying enough..mind you these teachers had their own luxury suits, chef, people to clean their homes, and yet..(hiss). The few Naija teachers got nothing like this o.

That is it o. You guys must be like....waat!! me it wasn't that golden, and to be honest i would never take my children to such. I think American international (AIS)school was worse. Go and see how the students there about being spoilt..BIS was even good self. (no offence to AIS)